Tones - Dodge & Burn

I think a better way to go, certainly for this image, is to dodge and burn while watching a Gray Gamma 2.2 view of the image.

I started off with a duplicate layer, set to Luminosity blend; and then added group curves to this layer to dodge and burn (with masks).

For reasons that are absolutely beyond me, if I have a layer where each of the RGB channels are identical; then there is a difference between selecting the master channel compared to the individual ones - the master (i.e. rgb channel) makes it darker. But it does not change the Gray Gamma view window during any of this channel viewing - another Photoshop feature.

Finally I converted the image to Gray Gamma and then back to sRGB.  I prefer this to my channel blending one - hover to see it.


And this is the difference between the two renditions.

Another way of doing this is to duplicate the image, convert to LAB, fill both the colour channels with mid-grey, convert back to RGB and then copy it over the original image in luminosity blend.  There may be a slight difference, but much better than just duplicating the background, de-saturating and setting it to luminosity blend.


Anyway, I prefer this b&w rendition, but if we put it over the coloured image (in luminosity blend), it looks awful - because there was no colour in the bottom left side.