The Start

There are some great sites on the web that offer images of the old master’s works – I used the Web Gallery of Art, which allows one to explore by artist or location/gallery and download reasonable sized images. But what images to download? - Well, I went for those that I would be happy to hang on my walls, or those which showed interesting colours or tones. 

I collected around 100 and then pruned them into two small sets, which you can see here.

Initial Impressions

Landscapes: Nearly all the selected images had very small areas of highlights and weak/non-saturated skies.

People : Nearly all skin tones were out of the 12-1 O’clock Hue range, of acceptable skin tones, and biased towards yellow.

I also noticed some problems...
a) The colour in the images was not necessary correct

I downloaded two images of CLAUDE LORRAIN's "Landscape with the Rest on the Flight into Egypt" (from the same gallery), one of which was a close-up of the right hand side.

Suddenly we have a blue sky!

b) The shadow tones were dominant in most of the images:

        i) this was either wrong,

Two images of DROLLING, Martin "Interior of a Kitchen" (from the same gallery), with a close-up on the right.

In the end I did not select this image in the evaluation.

        ii) or painted detail had been lost over time.

This is BIDAULD's " View of the Isle of Sora". 
I have lighten the bottom right of the image to reveal sheep and extra people.

Off we go!

I think the best way forward is to analyse each image, in alphabetical order, starting with Landscapes (as I have not and probably never will take nudes!).

For each image, I shall then attempt to summarise my findings and to try to copy some of the techniques and compare the result to 'conventional' processing.