Large Highlights

Tonal Framework comparison

Here are all the Landscape selections with their 5 stop tonal frameworks, ordered in size of the sky, or highlights - first the small highlights and then the large ones.

The people do not stand out, but the temple and sky does.

There is a general framing towards the centre of the image.

The horse is contrasted against the background, but not the rider or second horse.

The framing moves one towards the sky and then back to the horse.

The framework enforces a diagonal composition.

The tonal framework does not focus the eye, the water and town does, but I suppose that the cloud behind the steeple acts as a magnet.
The waterfall draws the eye and the sky is insignificant in comparison.
Ones eye is lead to the far mountains before coming back to the detail.
Just weird - the rainbow and bright cloud grabs all the initial attention.
You are lead from the dark foreground and the people into the distance.

Great framing(?).

The initial detail on the left keeps you away from the sky and far hills.

You are left searching for the detail of the picture.

and onto the large highlight areas...