Colour Watcher - Calibration help notes

You start the calibration scan/plotter by press 'y' when the Watcher is the active window (or Shift+y for the small image).

You may find it useful to have the Magnifier showing when positioning the mouse over the white blob - which you should do before pressing 'y'!  You will get an initial beep confirmation before the beep to say the scan is completed.

At the end (3 seconds later) you will get a beep and the plot window will open.

When the Plot window is active (not the Watcher window), you can ...

Change the spacing between the colours by hitting '1', '2' or '3'.

Save the window (in a bmp file - sorry) by pressing 's'.

Control +/- will increase/decrease the window size by a factor of 2 - but you can re-size it as you like.

You will get a new Calibration plot window for each instance of the Watcher you invoke.

There is a facility to show the last calibration by pressing Control+Y when the Watcher is active.

Also you can have the Watcher results altered by the results of the last calibration, by pressing 'e' (in the Watcher window).  This will only attempt to align the neutral values - as there is no way I can predict the others!

If you try a new calibration, while the Watcher is in altered mode, the results will not overwrite your last test.  In other words you can do a calibration, turn on the adjustment option and then do another test to see what the Watcher returns.

You can construct your own calibration images - with the idea of the values going from 255 to 0, mimicking the ones I made.  If you are this mad (like I am) then drop me a line if I can help.


Calibration image

Gradient one - you can download this image if you want to validate my results.  If you want to use this image in the test, then use Shift+Y, instead of just the Y key.