A Channel Challenge Fun Idea

I found it hard to guess the channel values that specify a specific colour, but I thought it would help my post-processing if I could - so I thought of a fun way of learning it.  

I wrote a program that randomly gives you a colour and you have to guess the channel values in HSB, Lab and RGB.  The program initially allows a fairly large tolerance for error, but as you improve this tolerance can be reduced.  The image below is a snapshot of one of my attempts, with wide tolerances.

So it is a fun thing to do and while you are playing (I have mine prompt me once or twice an hour) one instinctively learns, but (with reduced tolerances, I still have not managed all the YESes - 8/9 is my best).  So if you want to play, then download it, unzip and put the program anywhere on your PC.

If you are not sure how well you can 'read' hues on your PC, then the Colour Clock program includes a test to determine that.  Once you have learnt how to read a Hue clock, then the Colour Watcher program becomes much more useful.

PS. It is a PC program and I did not include CMYK in the Guesser, as there is not a unique answer for each colour.

Technical Trouble shoot:-
A few people may have problems when the program runs, as I wrote it in Visual Basic, and you may need MSSTDFMT.DLL - if so here it is and it needs to go into c:\Windows\System32 (or c:\Winnt\system32)
then it needs to be registered - by entering
regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\MSSTDFMT.DLL    in the Start>RUN command dialog
and a little dialog should pop up to say all is okay.