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A Challenge

My Colour Tools

I have written three software tools that have helped me use, understand and explore colours in the different Colour Spaces.

The most useful post-processing colour spaces, for me, are RGB and Lab, but neither are intuitive. 

HSB on the other hand is how we think and describe colour and is therefore extremely useful when adjusting images.  CurveMeister includes a Hue Clock, which can be used to monitor different points of an image.  I have written a similar Watcher for use inside Photoshop, but I also wanted to learn the different colour spaces and so I have written a couple of other programs to help me learn and check how I can differentiate one colour from another.
The HueSaturationBrilliance colour space describes colour as
  with H values as 0-360
and S & B as 0-100
So the Hue of a colour can be displayed in a circle and a 'hand' can point to the value, just like a Clock.  Skin, for instance, is between 12 and 1 o'clock

click here to see the channel values in all colour spaces in action (in a popup window).

All my programs are based on the HSB colour space.  If you wish to use the programs, just download them (virus checked by  avast), unzip and place the program on your PC and create a short-cut to it.  The programs are completely free and I hope they may help you as they have helped me.   So have a look at

Colour Watcher - better than the info palette, useful while curving

Colour Clock - tells the time using only colour - no hands!

Colour Challenge - how well do you know colours?