Colour Watcher and Colour Spaces

This page investigates how the visual colours change with different colour spaces.

I've saved all the wee gradient images (on the left) at maximum resolution and converted them back to sRGB (if necessary) in the hope one can see the differences.

All the scan/plots were taken while the image was in the appropriate colour space - they would, of course, change if converted back to sRGB, presumably for the worse.

Here is the (reference) sRGB plot

and the image


Adobe RGB

The Red channel is boosted quite a bit for Red and Magenta colours.



Wow what are those red spikes doing in the green colour?


Notice how muddy the colours look, especially the cyan and magenta. The red channel in the green colour is truly amazing - starts off at over 100, becomes normal in mid-tone and then bounces up again.

- just reminds me never to use this colour space during post-processing!

False RGB profile with Gamma at 1.8

And Gamma 3.0

ProPhoto RGB

ColorMatch RGB

If you want to experiment, then get the Watcher and read the Help (for Calibration).

I trust you found this interesting! - but what does it mean?