BIDAULD, Jean-Joseph-Xavier (1758 - 1846)

View of the Isle of Sora

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I like the grandeur and composition of this painting.  This was one of those whose detail has been lost in the shadows, so I shall try and 'restore' them before considering the tones, but first the composition.

There appear to be a number of compositional lines.

He has placed the people and the top of the water fall on thirds, but I like the (red) diagonal line of the far mountain, which is echoed by the left slope of the hill. 

I also like the angle of the right tree, which follows the golden triangle on the opposite diagonal.

But what about the colours?  Brown leaves again.  I think I'm beginning (? some would disagree) to loose my sanity.  Leaves are green - but I've checked out a few other landscapes and brown seems to be the colour most artist use.  Why?  I can not see the reason/answer at the moment, but perhaps in time...

Anyway, there is a distinct yellow cast on the waterfall and I want to see the sheep in the lower left corner.  So this time I shall 'correct' the image and then work with that.

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using Magic Zoom from - a great way to see the detail.

So what have I done to the tonal structure?