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Screen setup
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I expect that most of your photos will only ever be displayed on your computer and only the special ones will be printed, so it is really worth the effort to set up, or calibrate, your screen correctly.  If you do do your own printing, then when it is set up correctly it is a real pleasure to print images and know they are going to come out just as you want them - no more time (and money) spent trying test prints.

You may be lucky and have an old fashioned CRT screen, they are better for viewing colours and tones than the modern LCD screens.  All the advice on the web is really aimed at CRT displays and little is available for LCDs - however I would recommend this site as the best on the web at the moment.

The following pages show how to adjust a CRT monitor, however it is also applicable to LCD displays, it is just that you might not be able to get all the shades to grey to be displayed properly and viewing angles are moderately critical - so keep you head steady!

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