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PS Actions

Use the Menu on the left to see some Photoshop Actions, you could download, and some notes on the programs I use.  

If you are moderately serious about post-processing, then the Lab Colour Space pages are a must.

I also find the following programs useful additions...


good free viewer with a useful zoom facility.  It also has a simple corrections and email facility.  The latest version has an Windows Explorer tree-view structure, so organising your images is easier.
HotPixels Eliminator a free hot pixel remover! Useful for old cameras.
AutoStitch an excellent free panorama program, but with little help.  Once you have selected all the images, if you then get the image you like, go into Edit>Options and change the Output Size Scale to get the size you required and then hit Stitch again.  Also set Image Rotation if you took the pictures in portrait instead of landscape orientation.


will create a panorama virtually automatically, once you get use to what to do. This is Freeware, but I seem to remember that it was difficult to install.


corrects lens pincushion/barrel distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberration, and perspective.  Free trial, then $15 you can have your own camera/lenses calibrated free of charge
GIMP A free good quality photo editing program
JPEG Quality Estimator estimates the jpeg quality of your pictures.  Free, worth using once for each camera setting

But by far the most impressive and useful additional program is NeatImage, closely followed by FocusMagic.

I have written a little Colour Watcher program (called ColourWatcher!) to watch or monitor how the colours change when I make adjustments in Photoshop, it proved useful to be more aware of the channels in different colour spaces.  It monitors the colours under the mouse and graphically displays them in the 4 different colour spaces. Colours are monitored or sampled all the time just like the info palette in Photoshop, except that it is not necessary to have an image selected to sample the colour.  However since then I've written a better Watcher, which you will find under the Lab Colour Space page.