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Be in Control
Basic Lab Curving
Channel Blending
Stops, Zones etc
Reilly and Munsell
Cabbage Painting

This page holds links to Tutorials or Comparisons of different techniques.

You should also look in the "Lab Colour Space" section for more information, such as Saturation control, Man from Mars, Jacob's Ladder and some Colour Tools.  Also the "Post-Processing" section links to some useful Photoshop Actions.

Be in Control !

This is a collection of tutorials that should cover all one needs to know to be able to enhance/correct an image.
There are lots of ways of doing things, but these pages describe the results of my research into how one can quickly and easily post-processing images.  Starting from the basic Auto facilities upwards.  None of the techniques are difficult to learn even though they may be regarded as 'advanced'!  

Basic Lab Curving - Quick and Powerful image correction:

I am a great fan of Lab as with just a few adjustments the image can be enhanced quickly and easily.  This tutorial shows you the steps I took in Photoshop and also Elements.

Channel Blending: 

These advanced, but hopefully simple, tutorials show you how to start appreciating and playing with the individual RGB Channels.  If you make it to the end, there is an excellent Action to Darken Skies you can download.

Haze Removal from an image: 

One of the areas that interests me if how different Post-Processing techniques work on images.  In order to decide which is best I decided to try different approaches and see how they compare.

A Magical Photoshop technique:

How to change a layer's behaviour - sometimes useful in RGB, but a serious tool in Lab

WoW Processing:

This is a step by step tutorial on how I post-processed the World of Webs picture, warts and all!


This is not a tutorial, but rather a comparison of different techniques.


This is not a tutorial, but an investigation into the techniques used by the 16C+ master painters and how their ideas could be used to improve today's photo images


Comparing different programs

Stops, Zone System:

Should we consider using this with Digital cameras?

Reilly and Colour Saturation:

Is Munsell the right way to go with colour saturation for different tones?

The links to pages will grow over time - use the menu on the left to check them out.