Screen setup
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These pages are all about how to set the Gamma of the screen – what I think of as the White Balance.  Unlike a camera which can set the White Balance from looking at a scene, you have to do the seeing and try and set the balance.

What we have got to do is set 2, or 3, colour ‘points’.  We need black to be black, white to show as white and any grey object not to have a colour tint.  You either do this by eye, or buy a calibration device (cheapest on ebay is around £50).  

I tried the Huey device and it only confirmed that doing it visually was just as good as using a device; also although there were instructions on how to use it, there was no real help and using the "Room light monitor" made things worse!  Finally to get software updates you have to register with a North American telephone number!

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