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This page shows an example of using different HDR programs on 3 exposures of the nave at Salisbury Cathedral - all images include 2 histograms.

Here are the initial exposures

-2 ev

0 ev

+2 ev

First, for comparison purposes, a manual correction to the 0ev exposure by lighten the shadows and correcting the colour cast

Next Photoshop (CS2)

Now Enfuse

Using the program Qtpfsgui, the following ToneMaps were used...

Drago (default bias_0.85) with a Levels adjustment for the Shadow end

Drago layer with an Overlay layer of Fattal (alpha_0.1_beta_0.751_saturation_1_noiseredux_0.266)

and the same, but with the default Fattal tonemap (alpha_0.1_beta_0.8_saturation_1_noiseredux_0) - so more noise

Then using default Mantiuk as the base layer, with an Overlay of the default Fattal tonemap

The default Drago tonemap (drago_bias_0.85) gave this rather washed out image

The default Mantiuk (mantiuk_contrast_mapping_0.1_saturation_factor_0.8_detail_factor_1) was

and the default Fattal (fattal_alpha_0.1_beta_0.8_saturation_1_noiseredux_0) was!

reducing the Fattal noise (fattal_alpha_0.1_beta_0.751_saturation_1_noiseredux_0.266), was a little better...

Finally, I found an HDR image taken by Neil Wildin (www.exposethelight.com) which was almost taken from the same position as mine - so I cropped both photos to get them to roughly line up (and used that crop in the above comparisons)

This is his image

and this was mine

So there are lots of variations of the nave!

I'm not sure how useful this is, but having done the comparison I may as well record it.