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Basic Actions
Actions - 2nd year
Actions -3rd Year
Actions - 4th year

I use Photoshop Actions quite a bit on awkward images, especially when a lot of steps are involved.  As I have been learning post-processing, I've been creating sets of them.

This page contains a basic set of Actions that I developed in my first year and you may find them useful.

This page contains nearly all my Action sets, from my 2nd year and will only really be of interest to serious post-processors.

This page contains my actions sets from my 3rd year of post-processing - smaller set than above and including Dan Picture Postcard Workflow

. . .  now a few general words about processing and actions. . . 

I assume that you know something about Layers and Adjustment Layers, Opacity, Blending Modes and hopefully Masks and BlendIF settings.  My philosophy in developing these fairly basic actions is always to place the result on a new layer (or sometimes image document), so that one can easily toggle it (on/off), adjust or remove the effect.  

Thus one can just run an Action, to see if it helps, and if not then bin it.

If you need to know details about the above Photoshop features, then there are thousands of pages on the web and books on how to use them, so I will not attempt to duplicate them here.

Unfortunately there is very little info on the Lab Colour Space on the web, so I've written a page about that, as it is a fantastic aid to correcting photos - and a must for serious post-processing work.

I also assume you know a little about Actions, it not, then ditto above.  

However for those that wish to use these Actions, without learning a little more about how to play with Actions, you need to download the set onto your computer (PC or Mac).

Then click on the little arrow in the Action Palette (opened from Window>Actions, if not visible) and choose Load Actions... (and find the CBsActions file that you downloaded)

I would also advise removing the standard set of PS Actions (unless you use them) and run in Button Mode (one of the options under the little arrow), as I've colour coded the Actions to show which Colour Mode they were designed to work in (I only tend to use RGB and Lab).

Red - RGB

Green - inspection from any mode

Orange - RGB to new Lab image

Mauve - subroutines or special actions

Yellow - Lab

Grey - group names (does nothing!)

Blue - any mode


Now on to the basic Actions >>>