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The following steps are the best advice I can find. 

However, as I am just an amateur, I do not work in a dimly lit room.  I have the lights on (with daylight bulbs) with the screen facing away from a window and without any bright reflections on it.  It may not be perfect, but the results I get I am very happy with.

I also re-adjust the Contrast and Brightness, after following the advice below, so that I can just see the 252 and 8 numbers on the homepage of this website. 

If you have a LCD screen, then start with your setting a maximum and see if you can improve things to be able to see the 252 and 8 numbers.

To set the Black point for a CRT monitor...  


Set the room lighting to normal image editing condition. This should really be dim or moderate, not light. Minimize possible glare.


Allow the monitor to warm up for 1 hour.


This method needs a black background on the desktop. Go to the Display Properties, select Appearance-tab, then choose Item=Desktop and change it's color to Black. You will have to turn off your background picture if you have one.


Set the Contrast  to the maximum. It is best to keep it always at maximum, only if the highlights are too light for your vision bring it down to a suitable level.


Set the Brightness control of the monitor now to maximum as the starting point.


Locate the Vertical Height control and make the active scanned display area vertically smaller, so that a black border will appear on top and at the bottom of the screen. This black area will now give a perfect black reference point.


Now adjust the Brightness control so that the visible background just merges with the black of the non-scanned area. The setting has to be on the verge so that the smallest increase to it would make the active scanned area discernible.  I find this quite hard, but go back and forth until you are happy that it has just merged.


Blackpoint calibration is now complete- so adjust the scanned area back to how it was and reset you background as before.  They say you should not adjust the Contrast, but you can lower it if you want.

So now this should look good, even if it has a slight colour tint.

Finally go to to check how you are getting on and how good your display is!

Now for Gamma >